Books' Review

Dragon Speaker by Elana A. Mugdan

4.5 STARS! The plot is incredible, it feels ages since I’ve read a fascinating Dragons’ story. The author’s vision is fantastic! Seba is my favorite figure; her identity is reflecting the truth of our race. The Dragon’s feelings progression pinched in this novel was flabbergasted! I didn’t score 5 stars because I was disappointed in some scenes: expecting more actions in them. Yet the full storyline and characters development is superbly crafted!

The Journeys of Socrates: An Adventure by Dan Millman

Magnificent quest of discovering ones spirit and humanity. A journey of philosophy and wisdom. This have revealed how revenge are worthless and superfluous, because justice will take place whatever happen next! Trusting in god’s power and capacity, one will encounter peace, contentment, and justice in this mystery world. Thank you, Sergei Ivanov of displaying your anti-racism, love, gallantry, and dream. All those suffering, critically the end, was all part of reality and rewarded me the consciousness of interpreting the prison of life! People should know that without hate and grudge, existence would be clearer!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Santiago/Paulo Coelho’s expedition and wisdom influenced me on perceiving the world and embrace it. Achieving the dream the soul of the world have set us in a task: The Personal Legend, is fundamental. I’m fabled by his faith of attaining prosperity through two complementary ways: watching at the marvel of life and carry on to everything we’re associated to. A Dream is not fanciful, I learned, we reach our dream if we want to, and everyone will conspires to help someone who is shooting to accomplish his destiny.

Children of Blood and Bones by Tomi Adeyemi

The concoction of magic and realism displays a picture of humankind revolt! This volume determine how our world, mirroring Orïsha, is filled of hate, cruelty, and discrimination! Tomi devised a mix of heroes that are determining how a unique world MUST settle our universe: No matter what the color of your “Hair”, You must be against Oppression and Injustice!

The Seamstress’s Daughter by Joumana Haddad

Tremendous! The novel is a clash of cultures. The fuse of tragedy and realism is legitimate, exposing the misfortunes of the Middle East. Being a woman is difficult, passing their full existence in sorrow waiting for death. This book is education and it must reach many to arouse individuals who do not appreciate the blessing of women, who are suffering since they were born, from going birth to once again going through our society. Until their souls are unleashed and freed from the prison: The Men’s world.

L’Appel de L’Ange by Guillaume Musso

L’apple de l’ange est un alliage de mystère et romance. Un crescendo de suspense pousse le lecteur a tourner les pages passionnément! Malheureusement, J’attendait une fin splendide. J’étais un peu déçu… En general, l’histoire et les événements étaient parfaits!