About Us


Hey, It’s Addam!

This blog is for YOU! Yup, I will share my writings here, but mainly this blog will contribute about writers and authors’ works. Flow-on, this would be “About Us”.

It will also put on paper subjective essays and interviews about writings stuff, above all, juicy contents for writers and readers to learn from.

I hope you’ll have a superb warming day while raveling in the blog.

Feel like home.

Flip and Read!

Papers, crumpled or smooth, will always be a space where writers write on!

The Writing Community is quoting!

If you have a story, tell it in whatever medium you think will convey it best: whether that’s written words, film, painting, sculpture, performance, or something else.

Elana A. Mugdan – @dragonspleen

Writing means expression. Unbound and subjective. Free.

Jessa Kaina – @JessaKaina

Some stories are too big for the stage

Cami M Jensen – @CamiMJensen

Doing the write thing cannot be underestimated. Write now. Do the write thing.

Write Thing Johns – @JohnsThing

Writing is a growing spirit. Every typed word is a new feather breeding on one’s wing, for one can fly higher into the mysteries of the cosmos.

A. Addam – @JAaddams96

Let’s build something together.