A Blossom of Tomorrow

Humans are writing the varying relic alphabets at every angle of the world since their outbreak in Byblos, Phoenicia. Although the Egyptians hieroglyphs considered the first writing form, individuals have consistently been telling their stories through painting, symbols, or even through architecture in every era. 

During the early ages, writings have proliferated wildly through societies, cultures, ethnicities, and science, in which most prospect has its understanding to reveal an ideology or a significance doctrine to deliver for the purpose of blossoming. One source of writing, that inflict in our world, is the realm of stories, that are being broadcasted through paperbacks or online scrolling tools, where each diverse literary piece can weave an allegory (The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), a fantasy (Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling), a spooky horror tale (The Shining by Stephen King), or any literature genre one will dig up during a flight hour into the library. 

Some communities suggest that literary records are merely a thick piece of flipping papers for diversion, a night or a morning episode, with a hot coffee or not, where one will sip a refreshing moment to break out from the hindrance of living. However, others are adopting the majority of these Arts from a distinctive point of view, not solely for entertainment but to rally the inner mind, craving for the mastery of life and the acquaintance of an author who’s starting her/his audience to absorb a special incident or sermons dealing with time’s horrific storms.

Are literary writings essential for a better fate? Are they a source to built up a desirable society? 

Although research is in requiring to achieve an unutterable understanding, we interviewed Elana A. Mugdan, author of YA Fantasy books, pressing for to decipher what were literary works meant for writers and readers. Even if this dissertation is bias, we will provide a colossus remedy. 

An Unbreakable Enlightenment, Writing It Is.

Millions are creating every day, but what differs writers from other artists is “being a writer simply means being someone who writes” explained Elana A. Mugdan. What being a writer means? The creator of Dragon Speaker declared it clear as crystal: “I feel like I have a lot of freedom.” 

To be free is an enthralling vision once one apprehends it, as we’re likely breathing in a universe where the core of liberation is being fudged. Although The Empress of Dragons writes in the Fantasy genre, we believe composing in any genre, one preferred to raise his voice out to the world, a writer would come upon the light of wisdom. Writing might be an experience that strengthens the brines of the mind, a leading for one to set up a richer society, by uncovering the wave of inner peace. 

Writings don’t offer alone an inner harmony but again they can enrich the consciousness of the word-painters themselves. It appears that characters generated by the architect of the written stories are the mirrors writers trawl to set their presence; who are flourishing to discover the elixir of men’s hardship. Writers imagine or mimic protagonists and antagonists for a reason, and we believe their existence might be a coping mechanism for one to overcome a regular disturbance. The author pitched in our interview that she cultivated forbearance and fortitude from her own characters, “In writing my characters who were strong, it made me believe that I, too, could be strong”, casting out how she had improved from her Art, “the entirety of The Shadow War Saga is that I grew and change, it grew and changed with me. What started as an incident child’s story became a lens through which I could look at the world, and more importantly, to look at myself.” A great language of how writers assemble themselves from their creatures, a deliberate learning from one’s conscience. The complex challenge is WHY could consciousness be an indispensable need? Author of No Eyes: A Native American Shaman, a spiritual philosophy book depicting Marry Summer Rain’s experience (the author) with an original Indian Shaman, had clarified the value of consciousness. She eulogized perception, a vital behavioral for one would understand the nature of life, by citing “there are those who have stepped upon the beautiful threshold of awareness – all on the verge of perceiving that which there is to see. […] In these coming critical times, listen to and heed the directives of your spirits that keep the high wisdom you are just now perceiving.” This authenticity that stands between writers and their writings can powers an unbreakable bond, a pearl that draws stories, not alone to gaieties, yet toward a warmth of literacy. 

It is conceivable that an interchangeable spirit is intertwining writers and their creation into an infinite bond. We have reviewed that MANY writers aren’t flying toward power yet they are rebuilding their spirits and arousing their sleeping mind either on every click on a keyboard or every finger dance on paper. Stories might be a long dark tunnel for writers to paint it with words, yet we suggest that it’s a path where writers are pursuing to breathe air and enlightenment. As Mugdan prized it out, “what I’ve learned from my writings is that I have a strength inside me, and if the time comes for me to use it, I will not back down, I will not be afraid, and I will triumph against all odds.” 

A pathway toward a blossoming future.

Literary Writing: A Thread to Connect Peoples Together. 

The strike of technology has altered our world with pros and cons. It was in a situation improved human civilization by advancing science, intelligence, trade, and health. But, considerable research had personified technology as a weapon of dividing individuals; the social media recognition. Elana Mugdan has debated how she belittled them, “Personally, I dislike social media and what it has done to our society; it should NOT be used as a substitute for real stories and/or real human interaction” yet she pointed out that they could be devices for a stronger nation if used wisely, Readers. Clarifying, she claimed that it’s a grand invention for storytellers to boost-share their works and spread the word, through which it carries a prodigious potential in lifting the interaction between readers and writers. Hence, we could look at it as an endless pathway for a stronger society by gathering individuals. The Writing-Reading Community. 

How such tremendous bond, the writer-reader bond, could mature a greater tomorrow? 

Usage of specific modern instruments had usually separated peers, but the writer-reader correlation may have a distinctive effect. Author of Dragon Speaker pointed out that writers had achieved a lethal solace from their readers through two possible routes. Book reviews are the first. It’s a channel where readers point out their reflections on the creator’s manuscripts, actions, and characters. Since her devotion to words, Author Mugdan had enhanced her own creation by reading often her book reviews even if it was waving awful impressions. She asserted that “If a review is negative – especially then – I read it and try to take information away from it,” she posted a list of queries on how she could strengthen her art and receive from it to evolve her story. Such an amazing treatment of aid-and-support can generate a further civilization by joining folks together while submitting their notions and suggestions, an uncommon incident nowadays. The existence of a magnificent group of volunteers called beta-readers is the second. What are beta-readers? Beta-readers are a group of readers or writers whose intent is to hand out criticism to the writer before publishing. Mugdan has glorified beta-readers, which we identified them as Magical Leprechauns holding baskets of golden arguments. They are developing considerable improvements to her writings, she expressed, the flash we mentioned beta-readers, with a passionate attitude; “I’am lucky enough to have a good group of beta-readers who’ve helped with my most recent book release Dragon Blood, and who are helping with my new manuscript, Dragon Ascendant.” Author of The Shadow War Saga, though, believes readers not adequately connected to authors, especially with celebrity writers, as the latter seldom afford a cherished hour to their readers. She otherwise winked us to a likelihood relationship when readers connect with indie-authors (self-published writers), “If you are a reader who would like to cultivate a relationship with writers, the artists, and creators who shape world — then you may want to consider giving some indie books a read this year.” And that’s a truth beyond our words. 

The radiance that readers had given to writers or writers to writers should be an alluring occurrence, encouraging a Greater dawn where individuals will not alone start to cooperate but offer supports when needed. 

Literary books are the milky curtains one will watch at sunrise.

Art is Knowledge, and Knowledge is Power. 

Writers are readers themselves. It could be a reversible behavior, the writing-reading factor, and the initial cannot happen without the latter. You can imagine it as a genuine act of the bee’s lifespan, reading as its course from absorbing the nectar and writing the moment the bee produces honey. The author of Dragon Speaker has mastered to turn into a writer by reading, she chanted with a complacent tone “I will definitely say that reading is vital to the process of writing.” Many writer will similarly say with a bunch of books hugged between her/his chest. 

Being interchangeable, the crucial challenge we should demand is why is reading necessary for the universe? Stating above that honey applied to write, sipping it is the light-dark experience a reader will pick up from a writer. Mugdan interpreted that people will advance through reading; “If a reader keeps an open mind, they might even learn some new things, adopt a new viewpoint, and become a better version of himself.” Transforming our world into triumph requires the enrichment of the mind, which we could slake it through insight. How would literary writers afford our civilization with literacy? Mugdan might have shone the resolve by setting forth the following: “There’s a reason we tell them, and there’s a reason were darn to them. They are a way to walk in someone else’s shoes, and a way to experience a life you’ve never known.” Living always concern humans on how they could grasp it to endure. And reading another’s tale can be the key for one to master the knowledge and own a simple model to recover from a specific obstruction.

Observing characters’ flaws (fictional or not), offered by its creator, can also honed our daily obstruction by watching how these characters could beat it. “I would hope that readers can see Keriya’s journey and find the strength of their own. I know I have. I tell myself, If Keriya can change, ANYONE can change, or If Keriya can do this, YOU can do this” added the author. She thus described further how one could seek to encounter oneself through Keriya. The personality is a flawed young adolescent who struggles with adversity and mental illness, she has undergone great traumas, and hence she’ seeking to overpower these events through her quest by interpreting it and coming to recognize that she can be the alteration she aspires to see the world. “The story of Keriya mirrors mine,” said Mugdan, an accurate symbol of how writers would unleash his wisdom in his story, where one would sweeten up tolerance, sympathy, and competence. Hence, learning from characters is elemental as writers could have created them to spark a philosophical message behind their natures. Consequently, most readers actually have their favorite protagonist or antagonist from a book not alone for admiration and where he/she could find themselves to restore and thrive. The Empress of Dragons has elaborated her favorite characters: Gandalf in Lord of the Ring, and Selendrile – a dragon – in Dragon’s Bait by Vivian Vande Velde, where both have filled an eternity light in her heart. It is likely to be the case that writers are building their characters not solely for amusement but to bring to light something they trust in, and they wish from readers to believe it too. Looking further, Mugdan pointed that Shivnath, a goddess role in The Shadow War Saga, or Cezon, a bandit gold-hallucinated character, both designed to fit the plot, but the first to glitter on wiseness, and the latter for redemption notions at which she would not spoil it further. We embrace too that every character possesses a dynamic echo, and we have reviewed a character, Seba, a princess (secondary character) in The Shadow War saga, on how the world could learn much from her amalgamating attitude of fear and strength, where one shall find the fortitude to battle fear. A tolerable character, perplexed, and admirable at the same time. 

The flares of tales transmitted in our World aren’t only for entertainment yet they should serve our community with knowledge. How knowledge can raise our society? We will craft it similar as Mugdan did: “Books preserve our history and shape our future. Knowledge is power, and that power should be available to everyone.”

Art can be in any structure, from sculptures, painting, music, and alike we could spot it on social media (if it was respecting the ethics of life) someway, “and hell if you think your story is best served ON a social media platform, like if you actually believe that telling your story in a tweet thread will be the best way to share it with the world, then by all means go for it. It’s your art” clarified Elana A. Mugdan. The pools of light the majority of literacy writings can shine upon humanity, is a magnificent blossom. From joining communities collectively, refining consciousness, and promoting wisdom: they should set up a fluctuating posture for an eclipsing future. Literary pieces are one of the vigorous sets of academic and philosophical performances one could satisfy the universe by granting a precise concept. It isn’t purely to tell an adventure or to draw a crowd but it might be a box of civilization where one will accomplish life and its recognition. And from education one will learn solutions on how we can discover each other, and by all means: How can we reunite our species!?

Art is a fascinated communication, the ancient state of moralities, a conceivable candle for us to start to understand our selves and each other. 

Elixir to Humans Maturation for the World reArrangement


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