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An Interview with Elana A. Mugdan, Author of Dragon Speaker

  • A Blossom of Tomorrow
    An Interview with Author of Dragon Speaker, Elana A. Mugdan BIOGRAPHY Elana A. Mugdan is a YA Fantasy author of four published books. She’s known as the Draconic Empress of Twitter and the creator of The Shadow War Saga. Before her odyssey to the publishing world, Mugdan herself lived an adventure with her friends every summer: filmmaking, using an old handled video camera, capturing a world of fantastical creatures – Dragons, Fairies, Mermaids, Wizards, and Magic Wielders. Her earliest film trilogy was called “Draconis Olim”; unfortunately, it never achieved a widespread release.Mugdan went on to produce her first official feature film in […]

The Writing Community is quoting!

If you have a story, tell it in whatever medium you think will convey it best: whether that’s written words, film, painting, sculpture, performance, or something else.

Elana A. Mugdan – @dragonspleen

Writing means expression. Unbound and subjective. Free.

Jessa Kaina – @JessaKaina

Some stories are too big for the stage

Cami M Jensen – @CamiMJensen

Doing the write thing cannot be underestimated. Write now. Do the write thing.

Write Thing Johns – @JohnsThing

Writing is a growing spirit. Every typed word is a new feather breeding on one’s wing, for one can fly higher into the mysteries of the cosmos.

A. Addam – @JAAddams96